26 July 2010

Wait...6 months?

Yeah, that's definitely how long it took for me to finally update my blog again. At this rate, blogpost may even have the power to take it down once and for all. Sigh, anyway it's been close to 4 weeks since I came back from London and since then I practically haven't done anything much really. Of course I keep telling myself and especially my inner lazy half to help around the house, practice on your flute, go swimming in Alor Setar or feed the poultry animals behind...but most of the time, I end up in front of my laptop (particularly on FB) or in front of the TV (to my surprise, Dad just subscribed to the movie channels HBO, MAX and the not-so-familiar other one. things that definitely didn't do much in helping me curb my laziness)

Luckily, my cousin has been coming to my house even more frequently now that UPSR is just around the corner. English classes as usual but to be honest, I'm not complaining even for 1 bit as its not like I have anything better to do really. However, a personal evaluation of my teaching skills somehow leads me to conclude that despite both of my parents being teachers, I don't think I inherited that teaching skill from them at all (if it was even possible to be inherited which I highly doubt) I find myself to be a rather mean mentor really, as I get quite easily agitated if something I taught him like only the past 24 hours was found to be wrong again. If in the good old days, one would usually use their canes to beat (ok not beat...reprimand) the student, I practically grabbed anything close by which in this case usually happens to be a football. Poor kid, maybe I'm the one who should be taking teaching lessons from my Mum. Then again, maybe not...well, not now at least. :P

On certain evenings, I actually do manage to get up and go to the garden close to my grandmothers house. I'll be honest, on most occasions its usually my Mums persistent nagging about my increasing waistline that does the trick while my Dad is usually the one reminding me about how slim he WAS back in the days of his youth,hehe. There, I usually get the job of using a lawnmower to clear up the growing grass around the lime trees while my Dad keeps an eye on his beloved group of goats. Seriously, he loves them so much I wouldn't be surprised if he starts naming each one of them and moves them into the house! well, not like that's going to happen...right? :S Anyway, as time passes by I find the goats kind of cool to play with too once I'm done with the lawn mowing bit as I get to hold them (only the small kid, mind you) while I feed them on the cut up grass bits. Only today, I had the chance to send one kid to the vet for a medical checkup on its nose. It'll live...InsyaAllah :)

The time is now 11:25 at night and everyone else is asleep for class tomorrow. Wonder what I'll do then...hmmm. Oh well, at least I have the whole night to think about it :) Before I sign out, here's a shot of me with the kid I was talking about. Till next time, cheers!

Me and 'The Kid', the sack was necessary to prevent it from kicking around in the car.