28 May 2008

Me and Biology....

The study of life. Not emotionally but physically. A subject designed to instill knowledge among those interested regarding how things work and to comprehend how marvellous they are. From compartmentialisation,transcription,translation,transformation,semi-conservative replication to mutation, Biology is a very wonderful subject indeed. And yet, no matter what I do, I never seem to be able to comprehend the right way to answer the conundrums posed. Take one question for example....

Describe the source of electrical activity on the graph.
MY ANSWER: The opening and the closing of the valves in the heart
Bummer, and to my dismay my answer in a sense is correct BUT what causes the opening and the closing of the valves is what the question really wants.IS IT? Hmm... to be honest, I may be alone in this but up to this point, I still do not have a clear picture of specification needed because sometimes what we write may be exceeding what is truly needed and thus causing mistakes here and there which distrupts the whole flow of the intended answer. Then again, sometimes what we write may be lacking some critical points that we assumed not supposed to be there in the first place (which may explain why i'm able to score an A on my Paper 1 but did badly in the others). With the amount of time in an exam and all the pressure in it, it is to the utmost importance that what we answer is what the question really needs. Call me a whiner, call me a jerk if you must but be assured I'm writing this just to express my discontent at....myself actually so I don't mind what those who are reading this post is thinking. My grade? Let it be kept to myself for now, and as time passes by you will know the truth and I can assure you it's not pretty.. (T_T)

27 May 2008

Dah Habis Exam!!!

Yay! Exam dah habis n it's time to enjoy! Or is it? Huhu apparently right after habis exams dah kena prepare for Oxbridge application (serves me right for prasan pandai sangat but then again no harm in trying right?) So, dengan penuh semangatnyer aku bukak website Oxbridge to get a clearer picture of what it takes to be enrolled. To be honest, benda ni patutnyer aku buat dulu lagi tapi atas dasar pemalas, tangguh sampai skarang. Start pukul 6 sampai pukul 12 lebih tgh malam aku buat research n after that I shortlisted 2 colleges namely Churchill n Trinity. For a better chance, Churchill would be a better choice but in the end aku pilih Trinity for a number of reasons....which I prefer to keep to myself for no obvious reasons. Then, b4 tidur smalam, I started reflecting on how I did on the exams for a while.Hmm, Bio was FREAKING HARD, Chem not as difficult as I expected but still HARD, IELTS was considerably easy except for listening and reading, Physics was OKAY n finally Maths was suspiciously very straightforward. And that's how I spent the night sampailah terlelap dalam dakapan malam. Oh, n b4 i finish, tadi dpt paper 3 physics n I must say i'm rather pleased with myself. It's not the best but it certainly made me look forward to my other papers... ; )

18 May 2008

A Friends' Advise

Finally, you are here my friend,
To share with me your feelings,
At times of desperate hour,
And also when you’re feeling sour.

Sorrow as the heart feels,
There is still a reason to believe,
That a hope lies in each corner,
And whether we dare to take that step closer.

Sure, the going can be tough,
I have scars that proves it so,
As a reminder that as time goes by,
Experience will teach you how to fly,

When life slams you down,
And it seems that the end is near,
Have faith in your ability,
For every time you rise, you will become mighty.

Care not of what others see,
Whether you’re ugly or thin,
For real judgement comes not from that,
But through the way you speak and act.

Treat others will kindness and love,
Just like how you want to be treated,
So that no matter who they are,
They will always remember you from near or far.

Some things will never change,
It’s the way nature is meant to be,
But keep in your mind that what ever happens,
The Almighty always watches and listens.

That is all I can tell you now,
For I am also but a meek human,
Placed on this Earth with a mission,
To comfort others and serve the nation.

(I have to say i was looking for a better ending but apparently my head just can't figure out one that would sound better...yet)

17 May 2008

An Incovenient Truth

There was once a tale,
Of a land so cold and pale,
Freezing glaciers don its presence,
And with it a tinge of silence.

There was also a tale,
In which ancient buildings and statues hail,
In all its grand and splendour,
As a symbol of glowing wonder.

And there was also a story,
Of how even the heat in all its fury,
Could not stop men feeling gay,
Running outside on a sunny day.

And now its time to wonder,
Whether it can stay for much longer,
As the weather changes from day to day,
And all we do is wail in dismay.

The world is heating up they claim,
And they say carbon monoxide should be blamed,
Lets take a moment to ponder,
Actually it’s us making Mother Earth shudder!

We burn fuel in everyday life,
So that we can continue to survive,
But sometimes we’re overcome by greed,
And use more than we truly need.

We cut lumber for our seats and chairs,
At rates so astounding that we despair,
When the air around us is deprived,
Of the oxygen we need in order to survive.

We use air conditioners to cool us down,
When the heat is unbearable till we frown,
But some of us just don’t get the picture,
That it’s only making things worse for nature.

So let us all join hands and do what is correct,
As the Earth is ours and we must protect,
The 6 degrees rise is not a risk to take,
Should we love our children and care for their sake

09 May 2008

Terima Kasih or Thank You?

This might seem a little bit odd but it's actually bugging my head a bit to be honest. This matter came up just as recent as this evening to be exact. I planned to have a short meeting with my new club members just to say thank you for joining, explain on what plans I had for them, what they can hope to achieve from the club and what the future holds for the club. I wanted the message to be taken by heart by all of them so things can start to progress smoothly from now on. Then something suddenly occured to me which I never visioned before in which what was the best was to get the message clear to them? As I once read in Ms. Rena's class and quoted by Nelson Mandela, "Speak to someone in a language it goes to his head, speak to someone in their language it goes to his heart". I kept that in mind but apparently I failed to put it to good effect and thus I made the most terrible mistake of mixing languages to convey the message. I certainly can't say whether they got the picture but the tired and somehow disappointing faces apparent to me certainly didn't help much to my belief. Positively, I thought to myself that they could just be a bit exhausted from the classes earlier (it is a Friday after all...) but I can't help but thought to myself that maybe I was wrong in some way. Personally, I feel better talking in public in English cz that's what i've been trained for since I was young. Back in MC, I never had this problem as everyone is a Malay and they really don't mind much on how you say things (maybe it's a boys thing...).No doubt, this matter will stick in my head for sometime as I will definitely handle similar situations in the future...this Monday to be exact!

08 May 2008

An Incovinient Truth...The Way I See It

It's been a long week actually and thus I see it as a great relief that my sponsor had the initiative to bring me and my fellow sponsored dudes to watch...An Incovinient Truth?! Hell it's not what I actually had in mind but seeing that they actually went through all this trouble to get us there, I really can't complain much. Some people upon hearing that we're gonna be watching this show ( okay, documentary) say that it's a real bore to watch and I sucked it all in like a dried yellow sponge in the middle of the sea. So after all that I went there with the expectation to waste my free block on this screening. Then it began and for the next 90 minutes or so I was looking at a man who lost what is probably the most closely contested election in American history rise from the ashes and establish himself as a figure and symbol of the fight against global warming. What astounds me about his speech was how he was actually relate it to his own life in one way or another and how he manages to make me stay in my seat, transfixing my gaze to him and hear his calls for change. It was only then that I realised the severity of the phenomenon and how hard the impact will be if we don't heed the signs now. But in the end, he encouraged the audience that it is still possible to stop these calamities from happening if we just put our mind into it (after all, CFC emissions really are a thing of the past right?). And as I lay back on my bed last night, I can't help but spare a thought for those whose lives were severely affected by our own faults while thinking that one day it could be our turn. True, I would'nt call it the best show on Earth but to me it stil deserves some credit for provoking the way we percieve the future to be....nice short trip by the way. : )

The first of many...

To be honest, I planned to have a blog for quite some time already but somehow procrastination got the better of me and thus explaining why I only created this blog today on the 9th of May 2008 A.D. But putting the past behind me, I'll give my thoughts from time to time on certain issues which I think will be great to stand up and take notice of cz after all that's what blogs are for right? Anyway, feel free to explore my domain in the digital world to your hearts content and give back comments on anything you feel might be interesting to reply to and discuss about. Enjoy!