08 May 2008

The first of many...

To be honest, I planned to have a blog for quite some time already but somehow procrastination got the better of me and thus explaining why I only created this blog today on the 9th of May 2008 A.D. But putting the past behind me, I'll give my thoughts from time to time on certain issues which I think will be great to stand up and take notice of cz after all that's what blogs are for right? Anyway, feel free to explore my domain in the digital world to your hearts content and give back comments on anything you feel might be interesting to reply to and discuss about. Enjoy!


Farquar Haqqani said...

i've linked u to my site.
looking forward to ur future posts!


Anonymous said...

ola. biomate..ainol here. i found ur link in haqqa's blog... so im dropping by to c wuts interesting.. :P. anyway welcome to the world of blogging!!.. remember, without passion, there'll be a great force to push u out from this world of wordy thoughts... so keep the bond between urself n this world as strong as covalent bond. (anyway i was studying chem a moment ago n about to cont. after dis :D ) k. adios.