18 May 2008

A Friends' Advise

Finally, you are here my friend,
To share with me your feelings,
At times of desperate hour,
And also when you’re feeling sour.

Sorrow as the heart feels,
There is still a reason to believe,
That a hope lies in each corner,
And whether we dare to take that step closer.

Sure, the going can be tough,
I have scars that proves it so,
As a reminder that as time goes by,
Experience will teach you how to fly,

When life slams you down,
And it seems that the end is near,
Have faith in your ability,
For every time you rise, you will become mighty.

Care not of what others see,
Whether you’re ugly or thin,
For real judgement comes not from that,
But through the way you speak and act.

Treat others will kindness and love,
Just like how you want to be treated,
So that no matter who they are,
They will always remember you from near or far.

Some things will never change,
It’s the way nature is meant to be,
But keep in your mind that what ever happens,
The Almighty always watches and listens.

That is all I can tell you now,
For I am also but a meek human,
Placed on this Earth with a mission,
To comfort others and serve the nation.

(I have to say i was looking for a better ending but apparently my head just can't figure out one that would sound better...yet)


r.iskandar said...

Sejak bile baku tulis poem nih? pelik...... hahaha

rozairee said...

bakat terpendam ehhh????
from syahidspeare to BAKUspeare!
a new breed of poems has born!
walaaooooooweeyyyy..haha =)

Thriller said...

hehe..everyone, I'm just baru tryin benda ni jer.just for fun( and possibly for laughs) ;)

Anonymous said...


confuse2, knapela tbe2 tengah banyak gier coursework ni terbace poem2....

anyway, nice one, it sounded better when recited :-)