17 May 2008

An Incovenient Truth

There was once a tale,
Of a land so cold and pale,
Freezing glaciers don its presence,
And with it a tinge of silence.

There was also a tale,
In which ancient buildings and statues hail,
In all its grand and splendour,
As a symbol of glowing wonder.

And there was also a story,
Of how even the heat in all its fury,
Could not stop men feeling gay,
Running outside on a sunny day.

And now its time to wonder,
Whether it can stay for much longer,
As the weather changes from day to day,
And all we do is wail in dismay.

The world is heating up they claim,
And they say carbon monoxide should be blamed,
Lets take a moment to ponder,
Actually it’s us making Mother Earth shudder!

We burn fuel in everyday life,
So that we can continue to survive,
But sometimes we’re overcome by greed,
And use more than we truly need.

We cut lumber for our seats and chairs,
At rates so astounding that we despair,
When the air around us is deprived,
Of the oxygen we need in order to survive.

We use air conditioners to cool us down,
When the heat is unbearable till we frown,
But some of us just don’t get the picture,
That it’s only making things worse for nature.

So let us all join hands and do what is correct,
As the Earth is ours and we must protect,
The 6 degrees rise is not a risk to take,
Should we love our children and care for their sake

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