27 May 2008

Dah Habis Exam!!!

Yay! Exam dah habis n it's time to enjoy! Or is it? Huhu apparently right after habis exams dah kena prepare for Oxbridge application (serves me right for prasan pandai sangat but then again no harm in trying right?) So, dengan penuh semangatnyer aku bukak website Oxbridge to get a clearer picture of what it takes to be enrolled. To be honest, benda ni patutnyer aku buat dulu lagi tapi atas dasar pemalas, tangguh sampai skarang. Start pukul 6 sampai pukul 12 lebih tgh malam aku buat research n after that I shortlisted 2 colleges namely Churchill n Trinity. For a better chance, Churchill would be a better choice but in the end aku pilih Trinity for a number of reasons....which I prefer to keep to myself for no obvious reasons. Then, b4 tidur smalam, I started reflecting on how I did on the exams for a while.Hmm, Bio was FREAKING HARD, Chem not as difficult as I expected but still HARD, IELTS was considerably easy except for listening and reading, Physics was OKAY n finally Maths was suspiciously very straightforward. And that's how I spent the night sampailah terlelap dalam dakapan malam. Oh, n b4 i finish, tadi dpt paper 3 physics n I must say i'm rather pleased with myself. It's not the best but it certainly made me look forward to my other papers... ; )

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