08 May 2008

An Incovinient Truth...The Way I See It

It's been a long week actually and thus I see it as a great relief that my sponsor had the initiative to bring me and my fellow sponsored dudes to watch...An Incovinient Truth?! Hell it's not what I actually had in mind but seeing that they actually went through all this trouble to get us there, I really can't complain much. Some people upon hearing that we're gonna be watching this show ( okay, documentary) say that it's a real bore to watch and I sucked it all in like a dried yellow sponge in the middle of the sea. So after all that I went there with the expectation to waste my free block on this screening. Then it began and for the next 90 minutes or so I was looking at a man who lost what is probably the most closely contested election in American history rise from the ashes and establish himself as a figure and symbol of the fight against global warming. What astounds me about his speech was how he was actually relate it to his own life in one way or another and how he manages to make me stay in my seat, transfixing my gaze to him and hear his calls for change. It was only then that I realised the severity of the phenomenon and how hard the impact will be if we don't heed the signs now. But in the end, he encouraged the audience that it is still possible to stop these calamities from happening if we just put our mind into it (after all, CFC emissions really are a thing of the past right?). And as I lay back on my bed last night, I can't help but spare a thought for those whose lives were severely affected by our own faults while thinking that one day it could be our turn. True, I would'nt call it the best show on Earth but to me it stil deserves some credit for provoking the way we percieve the future to be....nice short trip by the way. : )

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