09 May 2008

Terima Kasih or Thank You?

This might seem a little bit odd but it's actually bugging my head a bit to be honest. This matter came up just as recent as this evening to be exact. I planned to have a short meeting with my new club members just to say thank you for joining, explain on what plans I had for them, what they can hope to achieve from the club and what the future holds for the club. I wanted the message to be taken by heart by all of them so things can start to progress smoothly from now on. Then something suddenly occured to me which I never visioned before in which what was the best was to get the message clear to them? As I once read in Ms. Rena's class and quoted by Nelson Mandela, "Speak to someone in a language it goes to his head, speak to someone in their language it goes to his heart". I kept that in mind but apparently I failed to put it to good effect and thus I made the most terrible mistake of mixing languages to convey the message. I certainly can't say whether they got the picture but the tired and somehow disappointing faces apparent to me certainly didn't help much to my belief. Positively, I thought to myself that they could just be a bit exhausted from the classes earlier (it is a Friday after all...) but I can't help but thought to myself that maybe I was wrong in some way. Personally, I feel better talking in public in English cz that's what i've been trained for since I was young. Back in MC, I never had this problem as everyone is a Malay and they really don't mind much on how you say things (maybe it's a boys thing...).No doubt, this matter will stick in my head for sometime as I will definitely handle similar situations in the future...this Monday to be exact!

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