05 October 2009

It's Been A While...

So sorry oh dear bloggie...I'm currently in the process of settling down and stuff especially with my classes arrangement cz their really confusing. Got bank problems to settle and not to mention my accomodation payment date is due next Friday and my money is still in Malaysia! Other than that, cooking is something I'm definitely not good at at the moment so I hv to rely on takeaway food for now. To add to my troubles, I am still mourning the loss of my dear white external (please, MAS. I need a reply...anything will do!) Luckily enough, I've been blessed enough to have already been involved in a number of things despite being barely 2 weeks here. Soutussalam is a new name in my life, Emirates Stadium is now my sweet memory, Moodle and Portico are now my bookmarks on the Internet and Tower Bridge night with Adli and the rest of the gang...just blissful really.

Hope to tell more but like I said, I'm in not a good position to do so. Pictures will tell the rest of the story soon enough. Cheers! :)

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