07 July 2008

A Planting We Will Go...Or Are We?

Heyya blog! Its been a long time I left u untouched actualy but can't blame me for that.My dad's laptop broke down which equates to no internet surfing let alone blogging! Luckily i'm now at haqqa's place and im using his comp.right now...what,what's that u say? what am I doing here? no biggie really, just following some community service programmes under Khazanah.Just finished the 1st one yesterday under an org. called YAWA. Basically it's about how kids should be exposed towards caring for the environment at such a young age and being volunteers, I was thinking onn the line of maybe we're gonna be planting trees for them. Turns out, we did'nt even lay our hands on a single shovel to be exact! what we did was we followed these guys to a place somewhere in Ulu Langat where there's this rather nice looking resort called Agrotek.There, we were introduced to a number of other volunteers who taught us on how to be volunteer. Quite needless if u ask me but anyway, we had quite a good time especially Haqqa and me since we spent quite some time plunging into the river while at the same time babysitting some of the younger volunteers. Then at night we had this session on using our senses to appreciate the surrounding and I must say I did'nt do too bad on it. Early morning, I woke up rather early and took some time to sit down and look upon the stars.It's been a while since I did that actually. A few more speechs later, we headed back to T.T.D.I. Overall, I think the programme was not half bad just some of the things have to be organised better like time management and the discipline of some of the participants seriously need some looking into. It was quite a nice experiance and who knows maybe i'll be tempted to join them later in the future... ; )


Aslam said...

salam baku.

hello.lama x dgr cite.best kyuem?

Syahid said...

heyy baku..ure not gonna tell us stuffs bout trees n leaves are you? tell us more okay?hahaha