15 May 2009

Haha...rasanyer boleh dpt rekod tak paling lama tak update blog?

Alhamdulillah, jumpa jgk akhirnya blog ni! Nasib baik ade yg masih menyedari yg blog ni wujud, walaupun sgt lama tak update. Emm...nak ckp ape yek? Exams tgh going on for me and my friends so all the best guys! Football update next, Man U can seal the Premier League title tonight barring an upset from the Gunners. Being a die hard fan of the latter, I seriously hope that it won't happen but i'm not too optimistic. Over to last night, I had a replay of a weird dream that i had some time ago... but, i can't talk about it due to personal issues so let's just keep it to myself okay? In entertainment, I seriously hv nothing much to say cz dah lama tak tgk any movies so i'm rather empty on this though I hope to finish a movie called Assembly that I watched with Dollah some time ago, tonight! Reminder Baku, everyone is counting on u to do your best! InsyaAllah, I will succeed! : )

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