16 May 2009

Teman Sejati

Today as I was washing my clothes, a friend named Ibi suddenly played out the song, well u guessed it... Teman Sejati by Brothers. From the first words mentioned

"Selama ini, 
  Ku mencari-cari,
  Teman yg sejati,
  Buat menemani,
  Perjuangan suci"

Perjuangan suci. The Holy Challenge @ Jihad. In what, may I ask? Is it for our A grades? Or is it solely for the sake of God? The answer is simple my friend. It it for the sake of both. I cannot do this alone, and neither can you. It is through this song that I understand how lucky I am to have those around me not only to keep me company but also to make sure I stay on the right path to success in this world & in the hereafter. People like Acap, Dollah n Ilham Ainaa to mention a few, thank you once and thank you again for being what I would call as.... Teman Sejati.

"Kepadamu Allah,
  Ku panjangkan doa,
  Agar berkekalan,
  Kasih sayang kita...."

Amin. Amin. Perkenankanlah Ya Rab Al Amin. : )

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