20 May 2009

Aku Bukan Superstar....

Consider this...

Candidate A

Name: Helmi Eliza Elias
Height: 1.8 metres
Hometown: Kedah
Club: Kedah Football Club
Caps (for the national team):8

Candidate B

Name: Mohamad Farhan Mohamad Sobri
Height: 1.75 metres
Hometown: Kedah
Club: OLE Football Club
Caps (for the college team): 1

Similarities? Both fell victim to a horrendous error of anticipation as the ball bounces beyond what each goalkeeper thought possible. We all know when and against whom did the former suffer the shame to but as for the latter? Well, his story began like this...

TOPAZ vs DIAMOND. 6:14 pm at the KYUEM Football Field.

The match began with both teams intent on making the best start possible by scoring an early goal. Unfortunately for me, the opponent got the start they wanted by Afzal @ Ja scoring via a penalty. I managed to read the direction of the ball aiming right at me but it simply had too much power to keep it out. Definitely not what I wanted. Credit to the team's defence cz i practically had no other save to make and following the run of play, we deservedly grabbed our equaliser just before the break. The heat was on. This team dubbed by some as the Galacticos we're clearly showing sign of wanting to get the winner. I for some reason started to feel the pressure too.

And then, IT happened.

As Cuan with the ball delivers a long pass to the forwards, I anticipated the ball was going to bounce within the penalty box and thus allowing me to claim it for myself. Somehow, it fell just out and the bounce was higher than what I predicted. The ball lobbed high over me and despite my best efforts, i couldn't reach it. Ja, as predatory as ever claimed the ball and coolly tucked it home.DANG! A cruel blow to me and an even crueler blow to my team. I was utterly flabbergasted. Never have I ever conceded a goal so cheaply as far as I can remember. My comrades we're understandably outraged. Who would'nt be when they know that everyone's been performing well except the one man who mattered most, the keeper?

Again, we got a quick equaliser via a penalty. ZB tucking it away effortlessly enough. From that point on, it was certainly a one way traffic game as Diamond had chances and chances to go ahead. One was even ruled out for a handball which was actually one of Topaz's own player that committed it. At the final whistle, we we're utterly disappointed not to snatch victory. If the're was a Man Of The Match award, I would give it to my junior from my Koleq days, Iss, who tirelessly ran,and ran,and ran like he's got two hearts pumping. Flop of the game? No prizes for guessing the obvious...

All in all, it was clearly a game to forget, at least for me. With all due respect to Topaz, we we're definitely the more attacking team and if there was ever going to be a winner, it was going to come from us. But it's an old footballing cliche' that it's all about taking your chances. Their defence was resolute and so was our's. Both team's shared the points but only one man took the shame.

As always, there is always a blessing in disguise behind everything that's happened. For me, I'll take it like any good keeper should and remember not to rush out to claims loose balls like that ever again. Friendly jokes like me being Helmi Eliza the 2nd is normal and i'll take it until the time comes to prove myself again. And so will my teammates. Garnet and Sapphire...BEWARE!

To sign off, lets view the Malaysia vs Vietnam game again and recall how similar it was to mine. ; )

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