12 June 2009

Just Like Heaven.. : )

My back was still hurt, my skin got darker but it was yet another fruitful day after the end of my examinations. I had a hand in helping out with the kids in a camp which if i'm not mistaken was called the Aulat camp. Just my luck to be guarding one of the hottest posts around at the playground near my chalet, but seeing the kids all fired up everytime they reach my post, it was worth it... ; ) Agent Alpha 007 I was called, I was trying my best to make the challenge as hard as possible with orders from Mission Control officer, Moja. In the end, I had to give a speech in front of the kids albiet with very little success. Ah well... that's what u get for leaving the debate arena for so long Baku.

Any way, back to my point. In my stack of CD's are numerous movies which I plan to watch throughout the week. We (by we I mean Ibi and me) laid out our mattresses at the Common Room and using Aidy's second laptop, planned for a nice show to enjoy. And we finally settled to watch a movie called Just Like Heaven starring the cute, little Miss Reese Witherspoon and Mr. Mark Ruffalo. The story began with the tale of Elizabeth Masterson, who lived to work as a doctor and...well,no more. Then, a tragedy happened which caused her to fall into a state of coma. Then, the spotlight shifted to the tale of a man named...oh, why am I spoiling all the fun?

Well, basically what I gotta say is that I LOVE IT! What really struck my heart is the fact that a spirit can make a man fall in love all over again shows if someone is destined for you, then everything will come into place,even in the most unlikely of circumstances...a piece of advertisement ending up in your face even after you tossed it away three times? If that's not destiny playing it's part, then I don't know what is!

My favourite scenes gotta be the moment he kisses her in a desperate attempt to save her life and also the moment he touches her hand as they try to feel each other's souls....Oh, enough of the spoilers already Baku! To anyone who wants to have a look at this movie, feel free to ask me for it. Just ask me nicely okay? Cheers!

Btw, if anyone happens to have a French movie called Wasabi somewhere in their external or stack of CD's, can I please borrow it? Give me a call, alright!

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