26 June 2009

Life After KYUEM and Before The Results Are Out ( Week 1)

Okay, so in 24 hours time, i'll be officially one week old as an ex-student of KYUEM. Looking back at this blog, it's quite a shame really that I didn't update it as much as I would like to. All the moments I had....luckily my diary is still by my side to keep me company.

Nway, just a little update since then. Ooo boy, where to start? Well, Arsenal's got a new boy downtown, just 23 years of age but already with plenty of experiance to teach the other young defensive lads there. He goes by the name Vermaelen and if he brings the title back to the club's hands, I'll forgive Wenger for the past 4 trophyless years before.Spain shockingly lost to USA to tie with Brazil for the highest number of consecutive games at 35. Well, nobody's invincible, right?

Closer to home, spent the time visiting my relatives not far from my home. My grandma's doing fine, looking a bit healthier than last time too. My aunts are still the same as before. One shock I really had was that as it turn's out, my 2 months absence away from home was enough to expand my home by another 3 bedrooms though I must say a big house with so little number of people is rather depressing. Back at the kebun, my dad's got a new kid!....no seriously as in goat kid. One of his prized goats gave birth to a small male kid roughly last wednesday. Good luck surviving...kid!

As for me? Spending my time at home playing games,sleeping and doing household chores all day are not exactly what I had in mind, so my mom suggested that I go for this 'resdung' treatment method which claims to be able to rid of my small resdung problems, once and for all. Surely I had to give it a try, right? Well, to be honest, I didn't really like the experiance because they actually had to use smoke and burn it around your face to somehow pull out the 'hama'. Needless to say, the heat was rather....no, really painful! But, seeing the small dust like particles on your face at the end of it really make's it all worthwhile. They later finished it off using some herbal scrub whch was rather stinging. For a mere 9 ringgit per go, I suggest anyone with nothing else to do to give it a try bcoz another thing is...it does make your face a bit smoother (as my mom would put it) Note though, being ticklish like me certainly does'nt help facing the ordeal...

Well, that's basically it. Gonna start packing tomorrow for that 6 weeks internship I have to go to at Pharmaniaga so with no more internet connection till then, it's bye for now. Cheers! ; )

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Adrian Koay said...

Have fun... im rotting and sucking at it :D