21 July 2009

For I Do Not Know...

Hello everyone! Whew,it's been quite some time already since I last updated this (3 weeks to be exact) Just some update first of all. I'm writing this at my office in Pharmaniaga Berhad in Bukit Raja under the Corporate Strategy and Business Development Division. The lads here have been very interesting especially a guy named Zain who is rather annoying at times but a real good fell to have a chat with. Enjoying my job so far except for the hemorrhoids part of course. Other than that, congratz to Malaysia for putting up a real fight against Man Utd despite the 3-2 loss. From the game, it was rather clear that they are really struggling without Ronaldo to penetrate the defence of a side currently ranked 150 plus in the world. Hope to see the same in the coming EPL season...GO ARSENAL!

Nway, back to the topic above. If you guys don't know yet, I'm currently staying at Haqqa's place for the duration of the internship and I go to my workplace by Amie's car. Well as it so happens, on one day, my heart suddenly had the urge to talk about destiny or Qada' and Qadar' in particular. As we were discussing, she handed me a small book of hadiths to ponder upon. The one in particular is shown below...

Dari Abu Abdurrahman Abdullah bin Mas'ud r.a berkata: Rasullullah yang jujur dan terpecaya ucapannnya memberitahu kami, " sesungguhnya setiap kalian dikumpulkan penciptaannya dalam rahim ibunya selam 40 hari berupa nufthah(sperma) kemudian menjadi 'ala-qah (segumpal darah yang menggantung) selama waktu itu juga kemudian menjadi mudghah (segumpal daging) selama waktu itu pula, kemudian diutuslah malaikat untuk meniupkan ruh kepadanya dan menyampaikan 4 perkara: menulis rezekinya, ajalnya, amal perbuatannnya dan akan menjadi sengsara atau bahagia. Demi Allah yang tiada Tuhan (yang berhak disembah) selain-Nya....

From this,1 question in particular intrigues me.

"If God has already determined everything for us including where do we end up in the afterlife, then where is the need for good deeds or 'amalan'?"

To be honest, despite Amie's best efforts to clarify matters, I was unconvinced with what she said and took the time to find out more. Luckily enough, the answer came to me via Amie through a website called langitilahi.com. The title of the article itself was simple enough

"Aku Beramal Kerana Aku Tidak Tahu..."

The article amazes me because of its simplicity in the way it presents the writers ideas. At last, I was at peace for finding the answer to my conundrums. The conclusion?

1.I do good deeds for I DO NOT KNOW where I will end up

2.so, we DO OUR BEST to get the best in our lives

3.we should not worry on WHAT IS NOT POSSIBLE FOR US TO KNOW (the future)

4.entry into heaven and hell is not determined by how many good deeds or how many sins we commit in our lives. It is determined by GOD'S BLESSINGS ALONE

5.so, we do what we're supposed to do to get God's blessing

6.InsyaAllah, Allah will NOT BE CRUEL upon us mere humans. Those who do good deeds are promised with goodness while those who sinned will be justly punished.

7.by having good thoughts towards Allah, may His blessings be upon our souls.

This article is intended to remind myself in the future of what is meant by the Terms Qada' and Qadar. I learnt it since I was around 10 years old and yet only now I know the true meaning of it. May this article also shed light on my Muslim brothers and sisters who may also be looking for answers, just as I did.

Salam and thank you for reading! : )

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