28 July 2009

First Salary!

Bangun pagi dlm pkl 6.40. After solat and mandi, got ready for work. Just like any other day in my 6 weeks internship. Except today, Haqqa was ill and not ready to go to work. So, I went off, expecting a really busy day today. And true enough, I was loaded with LOADS of work regarding the MYR (Mid Year Review) and was feeling the stress. For once, I was practically lying on the table with a really bad headache, much like what Haqqa had earlier today. And then ,he came

"Farhan ya?"


"Sign sini ya"

I looked at what he was handing me. Haha, my first paycheck,baby! It was not much, only 400 ringgit but man it was a pure satisfaction once you got it!


Haha, now that dah dpt gaji, some of the guys around here have been nudging me to have a go at my salary. Sorry fellas! I'm keeping this one for myself!

All right, now back to my Mid Year Review. Now where was my file just now, I know I had it here...

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