29 July 2009

The Last of The Invincibles...

"Toure dah blah dowh?"
"Ye ke? For how much?"
"Murah sangat r..."
The conversation took place at around 12:30 last night and for some reason I refuse to believe it especially for such a meagre amount of cash. Nah, it can't be true now can it?
Fast forward to this morning at work, took the time to open up Soccernet and found out that yes, he left for 16M. With that, spells the end of the last piece of the Gunners Invincible team. Toure will be missed and if Arsenal does'nt improve this season, I dare say that Wenger is losing his touch and his head will be on the guillotine by the end of the season. Toure's departure signals the end of an era and now is the perfect time for the young ones to stand up and be counted. COME ON YOU GUNNERS!

Bye, bye Toure and thank you!

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Noni Kapet said...


Blogging lesson no 1 - do not blog about people in office because they do READ! Ha ha ha

Anyway, I guess I would have missed you for a few week, joining Pharmaniaga next week.

But I guess you can always come back for another round of internship.